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  Date  :  23-10-2017


oil testing


Testing Fees...


Name of the Test

Equipment used

1 Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) Test
To detect and quantify fault gases dissolved in Transformer oil so as to identify incipient faults in Transformers.
Gas Chromatograph with Head Space Auto Sampler
Make: Perkin Elmer, U.S.A . Model : ARNEL CLARUS 580.
2 Furan Analysis Test
To determine the deterioration, ageing state and the condition of the solid insulation in Transformers.
High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC)
Make : Waters India Ltd.
3 Water content test
To determine the dissolved water present in the Transformer Oil.
Fully Automatic coulometric Titration Kit
Make : Metrohm Devices/Switzerland.
4 Tan delta and Resistivity test
To determine the Resistivity & Tan Delta of the Transformer oil.
Automatic Tan delta and Resistivity test Kit
Make : ELTEL /Bangalore.
5 Acidity Test
To determine the acidity in the Transformer Oil.
Automatic Acidity test kit
Make : Spectra Lab Instruments.
6 Break Down Voltage (BDV) test
To determine the dielectric strength of the Transformer Oil.
Fully automatic BDV kit capable of testing upto 100 KV
Make : Megger/UK.
7 Flash Point Test
To determine the Flash Point of the Transformer Oil.
Fully Automatic Pensky Martens closed cup test kit
Make : ANTON PAAR. (Temp. Measurement upto 350 ˚C)
8 Interfacial Tension Test
To determine the Interfacial Tension of Transformer Oil ;
Fully automatic IFT test kit
Make : KRUSS/ Germany.
9 Sludge Test
To Determines the sludge or sediments present in the Transformer Oil.
Chemical sludge test

high voltage testing


Sl.No. Name of the Test Equipment used
1 Measurement of Tan delta and Capacitance at 10 KV for Power, Auto and Instrument Transformers. (a) Insulation Analyser kit
Make : Doble /USA. (b) Capacitance and Dissipation factor test kit
Make : ELTEL/ Bangalore.
2 Measurement of Transformer Excitation current at 10 KV. Insulation Analyser kit
Make : Doble/ USA.
3 Measurement of Transformer Turns Ratio at 10 KV Insulation Analyser kit
Make: Doble/ USA
4 Measurement of Transformer Leakage Reactance Insulation Analyser kit
Make: Doble/ USA
5 Measurement of Leakage current in High Voltage Surge Arresters 60 KV Testing Transformer and accessories
6 Measurement of soil Resistivity and Earth Resistance of sub-station Earthing System Electronic Earth Megger
Make : GEOHM/U.K.
7 Measurement of Insulation Resistance and PI value at 5 KV. 5KV Insulation Tester
Make : Megger/U.K.
8 Measurement of power quality
Class A Harmonic Analyser
Make : Dranetz /USA , Model: Power Visa
9 Sweep Frequency Response Analyser

Transformer core and winding condition analyzing kit.

Model: FRAX-101
10 Frequency Domain Spectroscopy/ Dielectric Frequency Response Analyser
Transformer insulation moisture, Bushing and CT Tan delta/Moisture measurement kit.
Model :IDAX 300S

Note : All the above testing facilities can be utilised by private agencies also on chargeable basis

 Contact Person and address  
Chief Engineer/ IC,R&D/ Chennai  
Superintending Engineer/ R&D/ Chennai 044-28591236
Executive Engineer/R&L/Chennai 044-28520131- Extn-2402
Executive Engineer/R&D Projects/ Chennai 044-28520131- Extn-2487
Assistant Executive Engineer/R&D/Chennai 044-28520131- Extn-2822, 2823
R&D Lab/Chennai

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Oil Testing Lab/Trichy

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