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For Power Failure in Chennai city - Contact: 1912 for BSNL users, 0441912 for non-BSNL users          
  Date  :  01-10-2014


              On 1 st July 1957, Tamil Nadu Electricity Board came into being and has remained the energy provider and distributor all these years. During the period the Government have extended the electrical network to all the villages and towns throughout the state. After 53years of journey on 1st of November 2010 it has restructured itself into TNEB Ltd; Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) Ltd; and Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation (TANTRANSCO) Ltd.   
Mission of the Government
The Government of India, MoP have planned to give “Power for all by 2012”. To achieve this, Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution corporation limited  is making progress in Generation and Distribution sector. It is happy to inform that the electrification of all villages and towns were completed  and also  electrification of all households are under progress.


To satisfy the energy needs of the state, TamilNadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Limited has installed generating stations of capacity 10,237 MW which includes State, Central share and Independent power producers. Besides, the state has installations in renewable energy sources like windmill up to 6548 MW. Due to the astronomical increase in energy demand in future, the state has  has proposed new generation projects for  the next 5 years.   More..


  TANGEDCO has a consumer base of about 223.44 lakh consumers. 100% rural electrification has been achieved. Per Capita consumption of Tamilnadu is 1040 units.To achieve the goal of electrification of all households, the Government has launched the  Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana (RGGVY) scheme. Where grid connectivity is not feasible or not cost effective, Decentralised Distributed Generation is permitted.

To achieve  reliable and quality power supply and minimise the  loss of energy,  MOP/GOI has launched the Restructured APDRP scheme under 11th five year plan. More..


 Restructuring of erstwwhile TNEB       
                       In the G.O Ms No 114 dated 08.10.2008, Government of Tamil Nadu has accorded approval in-principle for the re-organisation of TNEB by the establishment of a holding company, by the name TNEB Ltd and two subsidiary companies, namely Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation Ltd (TANTRANSCO) and Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Ltd (TANGEDCO) with the stipulation that the aforementioned companies shall be fully owned by Government. More..



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