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****General instruction to Public regarding effecting of electricity service connections within a day to the Domestic and Commercial buildings           ****KIND ATTENTION LT ELECTRICTY CONSUMERS-Make payment of LT Electricity Bills only through TANGEDCO Section Office Counters/E-seva centers of GoTN/Post Offices/Branch Counters of 3 banks viz., City Union Bank(CUB), Lakshmi Vilas Bank (LVB) and Tamilnad Mercantile Bank (TMB). Also through ATM of TMB. Online payment only through www.tangedco.gov.in. Payments not to be made through unauthorised agent/Website so as to avoid disconnection of electricity supply for non-payment of EB Bills”.           For Power Failure in Chennai city - Contact: 1912 for BSNL users, 0441912 for non-BSNL users          
  Date  :  23-10-2017


Name                         Capacity

Estimate cost   (in Rs.)

Funding Agency Programme of commissioning

    Thermal Power Projects

NCTPS-Stage-II Unit-1 1x600MW 2475 crores(EPC Cost) Financial tie up is made with REC by M/s. BHEL


Commercial Operation Declaration on 20.3.2014

NCTPS-Stage-II Unit-2 1x600MW 2211.105 crores(EPC Cost) M/s.REC Commercial Operation Declaration on 08.05.2014



3114.71 crores(EPC Cost)


Commercial Operation Declaration on 12.10.2013

ENNORE SEZ 2x660MW 7688 crores M/s PFC The project is expected to be commissioned in  March 2018.
ETPS Expansion project 1x660MW 3921.55crores M/s PFC
The project is expected to be
 commissioned in  January 2018.
NCTPS Stage-III 1X800MW 6376 crores M/sBHEL
The project is expected to be
 commissioned in  July 2019.
UPPUR 2X800MW 12,778 crores M/sBHEL(For BTG)
The project is expected to be
 commissioned in  Sptember 2019.

    Hydro Power Projects

Periyar Vaigai 3 SHEP 2X2 MW 75 crores M/s.PFC Unit I & II synchronised on 11-09-2013 &        09-10-2013 respectively
Periyar Vaigai 4 SHEP 2x1.25MW 57.07 crores M/s.PFC October 2014
Bhavani Barrage 1 HEP 2x5 MW 185.81 crores TANGEDCO September 2014
Bhavani Barrage 2 HEP 2x5 MW 187.61 crores TANGEDCO

Unit I & II synchronised on 26.10.2012 &      29-10-2012 respectively.

  Joint Venture Projects

NTPC TNEB Energy Co. Ltd.(NTPC-TNEB joint venture) 3x500 MW 10080.50 crores M/s.REC 29/11/2012        -   unit-1
25/08/2013        -   unit-2
26/02/2015        -   unit-3
NLC Tamil Nadu Power Ltd(NLC- TNEB joint venture) 2x500MW 7293.48 crores Bank of Baroda consortium 18/06/2015      - Unit -1
29/08/2015     -  Unit-2

New Projects- Thermal

New Projects- Hydro


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