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For Power Failure in Chennai city - Contact: 1912 for BSNL users, 0441912 for non-BSNL users          
  Date  :  02-10-2014



Installed Capacity


         To satisfy the energy needs of the state, Tamil Nadu Electricity Board has a total installed capacity of 10237.41 which includes Central share and Independent Power Producers. Other than this, the state has installations in renewable energy sources like windmill, Bios mass and Cogeneration up to 7303 MW. As of now, the total installed capacity in Tamil Nadu is 17540 MW. 


     Future projects


        To meet the ever-increasing energy demand in the coming years, TANGEDCO has proposed new generation for the next 5 years. TANGEDCO has fully exploited the hydroelectric potential available in the state. However, to balance the excess power available during off peak hours and to tide over the peak hour shortage, a Pumped storage scheme in  Kundah for 500 MW has been proposed.

       Enviornment Concern  

                 TANGEDCO has also proposed to establish small hydroelectric projects of  capacity less than 25 MW   in  the run of river scheme with total  capacity of 110 MW. 


Power generation, especially coal based power plants are prone to  have an adverse impact on the   environment. Presently TANGEDCO has four major coal based Thermal Power Stations with a total capacity of 2970 MW and four gas based power plants with a total capacity of 516 MW. TANGEDCO recognizes its social obligation and is conscious of the importance of prevention of degradation of the environment due to its  Thermal Stations      More..


Thermal Stations  Hydro Stations  Non Conventional  Gas Turbine Stations
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