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****DIRECT RECRUITMENT (2015-2017) OF ASSISTANT ENGINEERS           ****KIND ATTENTION LT ELECTRICTY CONSUMERS-Make payment of LT Electricity Bills only through TANGEDCO Section Office Counters/E-seva centers of GoTN/Post Offices/Branch Counters of 3 banks viz., City Union Bank(CUB), Lakshmi Vilas Bank (LVB) and Tamilnad Mercantile Bank (TMB). Also through ATM of TMB. Online payment only through www.tangedco.gov.in. Payments not to be made through unauthorised agent/Website so as to avoid disconnection of electricity supply for non-payment of EB Bills”.           ** Online application filing facility for New Low Tension Service Connection inaugurated on 05.08.2016 by the Honourable Chief Minister, Govt of Tamil Nadu **           For Power Failure in Chennai city - Contact: 1912 for BSNL users, 0441912 for non-BSNL users          

Procedure for obtaining LT Industrial Service Connection

  • Apply for LT Industrial service connection in the prescribed form (Form-1) obtainable free of cost from the Section Office.


  • Enter all the particulars required in the application form Produce proper documents/records to prove the legal ownership of the premises for which electricity supply is required (Form-1).


An intending consumer who is not the owner of the premises he occupies shall produce a consent letter in Form-5 of Annexure III to the Tamil Nadu Electricity Distribution Code from the owner of the premises for availing the supply. If the owner is not available or he refuses to give consent letter, the intending consumer shall produce valid proof of his/her being in occupation of the premises and also execute an indemnity bond in Form 6 of Annexure III and acceptance to pay security deposit twice the normal rate.    



                The following documents shall be accompanied with the application:
  •  Certified copy of proof of ownership such as sale deed/partition deed/gift settlement/allotment letter/Computer patta/ownership certificate issued by revenue department officials /   court  judgement or recent property tax receipt.
  •    In case of joint property, certified copies of proof of ownership such as legal heir certificate along with parent documents specified in note (i) above and consent letters from co-owners. If consent letter is not produced, an indemnity bond with enhanced security deposit
  • ·   If the applicant is not the owner, consent letter from owner in Form No. 5 or valid proof of occupancy and indemnity bond in Form No.6.
  •           As per Division Bench Order dated 23.8.2006, for all special/multi-storeyed buildings in Chennai Metropolitan area, Planning permit from competent   authority has to be submitted along with application and Completion Certificate from competent authority has to be submitted before effecting supply. As per the Tamil Nadu Regulation of wood based industries Rules, 2010 issued vide G.O. Ms. No.156, Environment and Forests (FR.13) dated 21-10-2010, License issued by GoTN shall be furnished for the service connection to the wood based industries.

  •     As per the Tamil Nadu Regulation of wood based industries Rules, 2010 issued vide G.O. Ms. No.156, Environment and Forests (FR.13) dated 21-10-2010, License issued by GoTN shall be furnished for the service connection to the wood based industries.
  •   Submit the application to the Section Office in person or by post and obtain proper acknowledgement.
  • Upon receipt of an application for supply of electricity, a notice will be sent to the intending consumer that he or his/her authorized representative to meet the Engineer to agree on the position of the point of supply. Provide space for  fixing the meter at a convenient place in the ground floor with easy accessibility.       
  • Advice Slip/notice/Letter will be issued indicating the prescribed charges payable and execute the agreement in the prescribed form (Form-7)   within stipulated period from the date of receipt of advice.
  •  On receipt of charges and execution of agreement only, extension works will be taken up and executed.
  • Intending consumer shall permit the licensee, free of cost the use of any land belonging to the consumer which may be required for erecting poles, lines, etc.  
  • Get all the wiring work done by authorised person specified by the authority. After completion of the wiring, notice must be sent to the Engineer by the intending consumer (upon printed test report form obtainable free of cost from the offices of the TANGEDCO) that the installation has been completed and tested and that the same is complete and ready for inspection and test by the Engineer. 
  • A notice will be sent to the intending consumer to avail supply within stipulated period.  


    The intending consumer shall comply any decree or order or judgment of any civil court in regard to the supply of electricity or other requirements mentioned in such decree or order or judgment.