Calculate Your Energy Consumption

You may Calculate the approximate Monthly Consumption on basis of the load of each one of your household appliances by looking at the table given below and adding up the load for all your items you may possess in your house. 1000 W (watts) is 1KW (kilowatt).(The Calculator is applicable for the capacity/load mentioned in the table.)


Approximate Load (Watts)

No. of Equipments

Hours /Day

Approximate Units/Month
Lamps (Bulb) 60      
Lamps (CFL) 15      
Tube Lights 40       
Electric iron 750      
Immersion heater 1000 `      
Water heater/Geyser 2000      
Instant Geyser 3000      
Refrigerator (165 liters ) 150      
Window air -conditioner 
( 1.5 ton)
Room cooler ( medium) 200      
Table fan/ceiling fan 75      
Exhaust fan 150      
Washing machine 400      
Television 100      
Mixer 500      
Wet Grinder 300      
Microwave oven 1200      
Computer 200      
Mosqutio Repeller 9      
Pump motor (1 HP) 740      
Battery Charger 7      

Approximate Total Monthly Consumption: