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For Power Failure in Chennai city - Contact: 1912 for BSNL users, 0441912 for non-BSNL users          
Date:31-01-2015 Tamil Page
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buttonDownloading call letter for TANGEDCO Apprentice ship selection 2014-2015(PHASE-I)

buttonSchedule of apprentices selection for TANGEDCO/TANTRANSCO for the year 2014-15

Consumers may opt for payment of Electricity charges in advance


buttonTariff order effective from 12.12.14

buttonAnnexure to the Dissenting Order

Award of Contract Details for the World bank funded Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Projects(DRIP)

buttonBilling method to be applied for the 1st assessment after Tariff revision effective from 12.12.2014

buttonTariff rates from 12.12.2014(Payable by consumer) 

Working Instructions for the implementation of Solar LT Connectivity/Net Metering

Pay your Electricity charges early to avoid unexpected network / connectivity problems on the last date

60KWp Roof Top Solar Power plant Installed at the High rise building Of TANGEDCO Head quarters -Inaugurated by Hon'ble Chief Minister of TamilNadu.

Security Deposit Guidelines

Clarificatory Petition MP No:38 of 2012 before Hon'ble TNERC for Wind Tariff Order No:6 dt 31.07.2012

R.P. No.4 of 2012 - PETITION FILED BY TANGEDCO TO REVIEW THE ORDER Dt.28.09.2012 PASSED IN M.P. No.10 of 2012.-Interested stake holders are requested to furnish their views to TNERC

MP No.44 of 2012 Petition filed by TANGEDCO under Regulation 38 of Tamil Nadu Electricity Distribution Code

TN State Solar Energy Policy 2012

All the Staff, Officers, Trade Unions are invited to offer their suggestions & comments on the Proposed draft Safety Manual (in Tamil) and mail their comments to safetymanual@tnebnet.org

“Statistics at a glance 2012-13” prepared by TANGEDCO for sale

TNERC- M.P.No.18 of 2012 - Installation of ABT compliant meters by open access consumers

Acceptance of meters in case consumer elects to purchase a meter
List of meter dealers

Power purchase Tenders

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B illing Services

LT Tariff Calculator
Bill Status
Bill Payment Options
Schedule of Tariff


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Theft of Energy - Awareness
Safety - Tips  ,Awareness
Energy conservation Tips

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Energy / Electricity Saved is Energy Produced           Energy conservation, a key to sustainable development           Minimize load shedding by switching off lights and appliances when not in use           Energy is in limited supply, Use it wisely           Turn off lights and equipments when not in use           Save Energy for benefit of self and Nation          
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