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EMD (Earnest Money Deposit):
                        Every tender, other than single tender shall be accompanied by Earnest Money Deposit, not exceeding one percent of the value of the procurement by means of a demand draft or bankers cheque or pay order.
PEMD (Permanent Earnest Money Deposit):
                        A tenderer is allowed to keep a permanent earnest money deposit with the Board in lieu of earnest money deposit as follows:
PEMD Amount
Value of the tender
Rs.10,00,000 (Rupees Ten Lakhs only)     
Value up to Rs.10 Crores only
Rs.20,00,000 (Rupees twenty Lakhs only)
Value up to Rs.50 Crores only
Rs.50,00,000 (Rupees Fifty Lakhs only)  or an amount
as may be decided by TANGEDCO on case to case whichever is higher.
Value above Rs.50 Crores and in case of tenders without monetary limits.
                        The tenderer who had made a Permanent Earnest Money Deposit with the Board can participate in the tender (inclusive of supply, works and service contracts) finalised at head quarters without paying separate Earnest Money Deposit subject to the limit mentioned above. Tenderer may also remit, at their request, separate Permanent Earnest Money Deposit as stipulated above with each of the Chief Engineers of Distribution Regions/thermal and Hydro and other Power projects/stations and participate in all the tenders floated by the respective Chief Engineers with whom Permanent Earnest Money Deposit paid without paying separate EMD for each and every tender subject to the limits mentioned above. They shall submit tender in the Region/Project/Hydro/Thermal/Other Generating Station quoting the PEMD paid by them only at the same Region/Project/Hydro/Thermal/Other Generating Station
            However, to participate in the tenders finalized by the field officers below the level of Chief Engineers, separate Earnest Money Deposit has to be remitted with the concerned field officers.